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Hello 2018

Hi everyone.
It’s been a while.
A couple months ago, I decided to take things a little slow. I find myself lost in finding my true purpose for this blog. I reached a point where I was constantly swamped with advertorial content and events and I kind of lost myself with excitement of these wonderful projects that the next thing I realise was the impact it had on my blog content. Despite that, being a hands on mother of two had me juggling with time management as they are both attending different schools had me struggling to maintain my work and personal life all together.

Towards the end of 2017, and after many long days of struggling in thought,I decided to take the step to reflect and turned down numerous projects in line as I decided to take some time off to revamp and truly seek myself and the true intentions on how I wanted this blog to go….whether if I should really call it quits or make a game change all together…. And finally… yes finally it’s about darn time that I’m back to turn things right.

2017 went by with so many amazing experiences, lessons and achievements for me. I was very pleased that I managed to strike of at least 8 from my 2017 resolution list. This year, I definitely have more challenges up ahead that I would like to pursue.IMG_3193

As health is a big impact to everyones lives. I have been rather realistic with mine. In 2017, I started living a more fulfilling life with a big focus on Health. I had a shock in mid of 2017 when I realise my fat % sat on a square ground of above 27% which shook me real hard, especially with my petite frame. I began working out 3 times a week and gradually increasing to 5 times a week. The journey was initially tough to get on track. I was always tired! But for health, I told myself.. I need to change. I started watching and learning about the food I eat. I began to meet new people whom taught me the importance of both health and food and the changes in makes to ones body. I was truly intrigued by it all.


The Sourdough. As the journey continues, the more I learnt about health… I also learnt about bread making. It took me almost a year to finally get how to make a loaf of Sourdough bread with many failed moments in between. I swear, I gave up so many times but I am so proud of myself that I finally did manage to figure it all out at the end. I am not a professional. I swear I am far from that level, but I am definitely taking myself through this self learning journey as I venture into 2018.


As I have mostly share the sweet part of life in this blog (creating memories is a must for me) but sadly, life is life. My grandma isn’t all too great this year with constant in and out of the hospital since 2017. I have always been close to my granny at heart as she used to take care of me when I was very little. Every couple of weeks when I hear the news that she is in hospital, my heart aches a little and worrisome is an understatement of how I feel. I know for a fact it is a parcel of life.. people come.. people go. But still… she’s my granny.


Good relationships have also blossom further last year. I met so many new people and closer to those whom I have lost touched for the longest time with. I truly treasure each and everyone I have cross path with and hope to be bless with even more quality friendship this year ahead.


Motherhood is ever so challenging 😂😅 As both my children are no longer adorable toddlers, I have a whole new level of patience to learn which falls at no.1 for my 2018 resolution… TO BE HAVE MORE PATIENCE. If you are one of those moms who knows a thing or two in this area, please do PM me and share some notes. I love my kids to bits and occasionally I will joke around with the husband perhaps we should have another one this year considering a number of mommies around me are also pregnant.. But truth is, 2 is really a handful right now. HAHAHHA.

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