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Evictaactive Active in style

There are many sports brand in the market trend today. To name a few of my international branded favourites would be Nike, Puma, Adidas Lululemon and the list goes on.

As I’m always in support for local brands, some of my favourite local active wearables I love and supported over the years are MOVE by Twenty3, Fit Rebel, Banana Fighter, Livlova and my recent favourite is Evictaactive.

Evictaactive, a local brand producing fashionably active wear with amazing comfort and a variety of styles enchanting and enhancing all forms of figures. Their unique form cutting figure flattering designs are made with high quality breathable materials which is literally a major love at first sight.

These two awesome ladies had definitely made active wear look chic, sexy and comfortable at the same time. Check out how amazing how some of my favourite pieces from their collection looks like.

These fashionable yet comfortable activewear is superb! I love the fact that they are easily dressed up and dressed down.

For further enquires you can contact the below

Website :

Instagram : @evictaactive


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