About Me

A Little about Me..  

Hi! My name is TheMizzEve, a mrs and momma living in Asia with my amazing husband and 2 adorable magical kids. Here are some quick facts about myself..

I am rather short, only 153cm. Can’t live without heels of some sort.  I secretly hide heel wedges in-between my sneakers to get that extra boost of height..

I love reading (although I never have time to actually read).

I never stop talking, but can be extremely shy in new situations.

I’m allegic to Pork (its a rare case allergy that developed ever since i realized how much i hated the smell of pork).

I like anything that is pretty.

I wished i had a sister.

I heart bargains. At times i love to shop at preloved corners to get cheap stuff!

I love vegetables, seafood any food that is healthy and live by a protein diet on most occasions.

I love JAPAN. Caught the love for Japan bug ever since the day i stepped into Japan for my anniversary back in 2010 and ever since than it has been a yearly affair.

I used to work in the world of high heels, blazers and briefcases – until i found early retirement and the love of my life.

I treat everyone as my best friend that when my husband asks me who is my best friend i can’t seem to answer him. >.<

Last but not least ~ I read every single comment here – often multiple times (hence the reason why i share and blog my thoughts)
I am a momma… and i actually love it.

My role as a wife can be rather unpredictable and crazy – but thats just what keeps the sparks alive 😉

I love to read, but love to express myself even more and hence i am a write/mommy blogger.

I like to be positive.

One thing i have learnt when i was younger and treasure it to heart until today is if you don’t have anything nice to say about something.. better to just shut it! ;P

I love to *salsa*.. but at times i can be quite shy.