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Evictaactive Active in style

There are many sports brand in the market trend today. To name a few of my international branded favourites would be Nike, Puma, Adidas Lululemon and the list goes on. As I'm always in support for local brands, some of my favourite local active wearables I love and supported over the years are MOVE by… Continue reading Evictaactive Active in style

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Smile Ezy Review

Who doesn't love whiten teeth? 🤔 Ever since I was a little girl, I have always ponder why my teeth looks yellow. Despite it being so called pretty straight, it somehow doesn't seem to look as white as I wished. I asked various dentist in regards to this matter but they always tells me that… Continue reading Smile Ezy Review

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The Wonders of Oxybright Beaute Beverage

Late last year i learnt about Iviora Malaysia and tried their Moringa BioEnzymes which helped boost my digestive health for the better. This year, the company launched a new formulation from France known as the Oxybright Beaute Beverage. It is known to be a perfect skin oxygen booster with ingredients such as white fungus, hydrolysed marine collagen, rose… Continue reading The Wonders of Oxybright Beaute Beverage

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Food Matters Delivery.

As apart of my resolution this year (you can read about it heRe) is to practice a healthy and balance living which naturally includes my lifestyle and the food i consume. I was recently given an opportunity to try Food Matters Delivery service which serves just what i needed.. healthy, delicious yet balance diet at affordable prices. Food matters… Continue reading Food Matters Delivery.

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My Top 10 immune system boosting foods

Every year as we approach the Chinese New Year season, just about everyone i know is either sick, going to be sick or is trying not to be sick. We blame it on bad weather (strong cold breezy wind one min and the next the glaring hot sun is killing us softly with its heat). … Continue reading My Top 10 immune system boosting foods

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5 Ways to Make 2016 My Year!

January. I love January. As the year begins, i reflected on my achievements, reset and recreated some new resolutions (you can read all about it heRe!) As we approach mid of January, i am completely motivated to get my groove on in achieving my resolutions within the next 12 months ahead. A good way to do so… Continue reading 5 Ways to Make 2016 My Year!