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Evictaactive Active in style

There are many sports brand in the market trend today. To name a few of my international branded favourites would be Nike, Puma, Adidas Lululemon and the list goes on. As I'm always in support for local brands, some of my favourite local active wearables I love and supported over the years are MOVE by… Continue reading Evictaactive Active in style

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Emma5 Accessories + Giveaways!

Are you the kind of person who loves to buy little gifts for your love ones to show you care? Do you find cute stuff simply irresistible? You are going to love this post! Recently, i came home with a huge surprise for my daughter.. A basket full of handmade, customised beautifully crafted hair accessories,… Continue reading Emma5 Accessories + Giveaways!

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Triumph Fashion Show 2015 *Find The One*

Fashion shows are always an eye opening experience. I can never get bored of the lights and ladies swaying down with confidence along the walkway. These models i admire them for having so much confidence in themselves. Recently i was invited to attend an exciting fashion show launched by Triumph. *Find the One* emphasises on… Continue reading Triumph Fashion Show 2015 *Find The One*