Top 5 Favourites from Japan 2019

It has always been a yearly affair that holiday choices ends up to be flying over to Japan but sadly, its rather unlikely this year. It's one of the countries where you'll never seem to complete exploring. I love Japan, the food, the culture, the weather, the attentiveness, creativity and the list goes on and… Continue reading Top 5 Favourites from Japan 2019

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My Love for Oribe

My love for Oribe has become a ritual for me and a few friends of mine who loves Japanese food. It is well known to be one of my all time favourite Japanese Restaurant in KL for a luxurious lunch celebration. I swear, they serve one of the best authentic Japanese Lunch and Dinner Sets… Continue reading My Love for Oribe

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The Grand Launch of Tochigi Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Sweet Potatoes.

Almost everyday I practice healthy eating choices. Hence, when i head down to the store for groceries i am rather selective at what i buy. It was a couple of years back that one of my gf shared with me that everything Japanese are the best (of course this is her opinion laaaa). But she… Continue reading The Grand Launch of Tochigi Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Sweet Potatoes.

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2015, Osaka Japan

Osaka is one of my favourite places to visit in Japan. The vibrant colours surrounding the tall buildings just brightens up my mood and the amazing smell of the street food just tantalises my tastebuds. After spending 3 days and 2 nights in Kyoto ( Click here to read it ), we (the family) were looking forward in exploring further in Osaka.