Top 5 Favourites from Japan 2019

It has always been a yearly affair that holiday choices ends up to be flying over to Japan but sadly, its rather unlikely this year. It's one of the countries where you'll never seem to complete exploring. I love Japan, the food, the culture, the weather, the attentiveness, creativity and the list goes on and… Continue reading Top 5 Favourites from Japan 2019



If you follow me on Instagram you would probably know by now how obsessed i am with Thieves. I came across Thieves a couple months back. The products smells AMAZING and reminds me of Christmas. So what exactly is in Thieves? What products do they come in? I’m madly in love with Thieves Household Items… Continue reading THIEVES – A MUST TRY FOR ALL

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Evictaactive Active in style

There are many sports brand in the market trend today. To name a few of my international branded favourites would be Nike, Puma, Adidas Lululemon and the list goes on. As I'm always in support for local brands, some of my favourite local active wearables I love and supported over the years are MOVE by… Continue reading Evictaactive Active in style

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Yumi Lash Lifting @mytwinklelashfairy

Every year, I often try to find a way for personal growth and development. I believe it is important for ones to often improve themselves to keep up in our fast pace society. This year, I decided to take on a skill. As mentioned in my Insta Stories, I am now officially a Certified Lash… Continue reading Yumi Lash Lifting @mytwinklelashfairy

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Doughnut the one of a kind Backpack

There are so many kind of backpack trends and brands today. I have my fair share of favourite collection from Longchamp to Anello and now Doughnut. I have always loved a good functional backpack especially when I travel. Over the years, I have been trying to find one to suit my needs and finally I… Continue reading Doughnut the one of a kind Backpack